Beyond Parental Control, This Is Digital Parenting!
As a parent you can't be everywhere your teenager is, but their phone is.  Don't Press Send allows you digitally parent from afar.  If you do not like what your child tries to post, you can block it and explain why in message form. This makes each post a potential teaching moment. 
Are you tired of arguing with your teenager about social media? Don't Press Send is the App that allows teenagers to use social media safely!
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Notifications Are Quick and Won't Delay Posts.

See and Approve Posts Before They Reach Social Media .

Prevent Posts You Deem Inappropriate From Ever Being Public.

“Social media allows teenagers to be part of a group, which is a cornerstone to self-esteem.” 

~ Dr. Barbara Winter, PHD PA ~
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Social Media is not going away, there are a number of positives for it's use among teens.  This doesn't eliminate the stress for parents.  Don't Press Send allows you to make social media posts teachable moments in real-time while protecting your kids from posting what you deem inappropriate. 

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